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Entry Level Programmer Resume

This sample entry level programmer resume can reduce your effort while writing your resume. This easily understandable resume format will also help you impress the recruiters and get better employment opportunities. An entry level programmer has to work in developing programs for development of software products. An entry level programmer has to work on any of the programming platforms like java, .Net or sometimes in database development as well. An entry level programmer needs to be a graduate in computer science or computer technology.

Contact details

Sam Scott
37 GR Street
Massachusetts - 93888, US
Phone no.: (938) 029-0393
E-mail id:

Career Objective:

To obtain a challenging position of entry level programmer, and contribute positively to build a long term career with the company

Summary of skills:

  • Excellent mathematical and problem solving skills, and ability to tackle any urgent situations
  • Well acquainted with the current industry trends and new releases in the market
  • Good grasping capacity and problem solving capacity
  • Enthusiastic, motivating and ability to pay attention towards the details
  • Good at understanding newer technologies, and learning them
  • Ability to multi-task, and use creative and innovative skills
  • Good understanding of programming roles

Technical knowledge:

  • Good knowledge of programming languages like Java,,, COBOL, Perl, JavaScript, etc.
  • Could work efficiently with embedded technologies and development of applications programs
  • Can manage to work on various operating systems like DOS, Windows, Azure, etc.
  • Good database programming knowledge using oracle, SQL and other programming languages

Educational Qualification:

Degree: Masters Degree in Information Technology
University: University of Massachusetts, US
Percentage: XX.XX %
Year of passing: 19XX

Degree: Bachelors Degree in Information Technology
University: University of Massachusetts, US
Percentage: XX.XX %
Year of passing: 19XX


Worked as a Database Developer in DEELOIT Technologies for 6 months as a internship from 20XX to 20XX

Job Responsibilities:

  • Following the algorithms given by senior database programmers and developing tables and database queries
  • Developing proper procedures and functions for the projects developed in Java and .net
  • Developing triggers for proper working of the queries, and ensure that proper error messages are generated upon errors
  • Reviewing the developed code to check for the errors if any, in the code
  • If there are errors or bugs in the developed code, then fixing them properly by taking assistance from the seniors

Academic Project (s):

Proficiency in E-Learning

Operating System Platform: Windows Vista
Technologies used: Java, My SQL, JSP, Tomcat, Apache ANT.
Duration: 6 months

Project Description: The role of this software is to automate the examination process and learning system. Through online learning system, students could easily study and download the course materials.

Responsibilities: Collected specifications for the system and created flowcharts and algorithms for developing code. Designing, developing and documenting the project. Helping the end users understand the working of the system, and deployment of the project.

Student Administration System

Operating System Platform: Windows XP Professional
Technologies Used: Visual Basic, MS Access, HTML
Duration: 6 months

Project Description: The student administration system was designed to make the task of storing the student information easier. It stored all the information related to the students regarding his course, fees paid, roll number, etc. This also ensured security of data and easy retrieval of the data whenever necessary.


Name: Liam King
Designation: Sr. Software developer
Organization: Micron Technologies Inc.
Phone number: (849) 670-3739
Email id:

The above sample entry level programmer resume can help the beginners who are looking for a job in the programming field, in writing an appealing resume. This resume can be formatted according to your requirement.

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